14 Best and Delicious Healthy Fruits for a Healthy Life

fruits for a healthy life

Fruits are considered to be the best source of vitamins and minerals. Eating fruits not only give an adequate amount of nutrition but also prevents various hazardous diseases like stroke, high blood pressure (hypertension), cancer, heart disorder, and diabetes. In this article, we are providing you list of healthy fruits for a healthy life.

Even fruits have the properties to fight against various skin and body infections and also helps to keep our hairs grow healthy. Fruits have different flavours like sweet, bittersweet, sour, etc. Botanically fruits are,

Simple fruitsDry simple fruits- Brazil nuts, strawberries, coconut, walnuts, hazelnuts. Wet simple fruits- cherry, tomato, olives, peach, plums, and cranberry.
Aggregate fruitsRaspberry, blackberry, and custard apple.
Multiple fruitsPineapple, figs, mulberry.
BerriesCranberry and blueberry.
Accessory fruitsPineapple, apple, stone fruit, and strawberry.

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Benefits of Eating Healthy Fruits

To get proper and a healthy life, fruits must be part of the diet. Here are a few benefits of eating healthy fruits,

1.It boosts up the energy level.
2.For a healthy heart as fruits control cholesterol levels.
3.Controls diabetes.
4.Prevents and also given for the treatment of various cancers.
5.Regulates the blood pressure.
6.Treating the renal stones.
7.For maintaining healthy bones.
8.For weight loss.
9.Preventing diseases caused due to deficiencies.
10.For healthy skin and healthy hair.

So it is advised to eat fresh and ripe fruits in order to get maximum benefits of eating fruits.

Healthy Fruits for a Healthy Life

Here are Best 14 healthy fruits for a healthy life which we should not escape from eating on a regular basis.


healthy fruits for a healthy life

Pineapple contains vitamin C and manganese. Pineapple contains bromelain which is a mixture of enzyme and acts an anti-inflammatory in the body.


Among all the fruits, pineapple has great anti-inflammatory properties, enzyme bromelain helps in the digestion of protein.

Along with this, eating pineapple can reduce the risk of cancer or tumours growing in the body, reduces the risk of heart attack, decreases the risk of stroke, and increases fertility.

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healthy fruits for a healthy life

Kiwi is said to be a rich source of vitamin C and E. Along with this kiwi also contains a lot of fiber and that is one of the important healthy fruits we can consider taking for a healthy life.


Kiwi fruits are covered with fuzzy skin but when eaten it is very sweet in taste. Kiwi also has an anti-oxidant property which helps in the removal of impurities from the body.

Eating kiwi protects from cancer and promotes the function of the eyes.

For those people who want to lose weight, kiwi is the best fruit for them as it contains a lot of fibers and has low calories.

Kiwi is also given to those patients who have low platelet counts in order to increase their number.


healthy fruits for a healthy life

Papaya fruit has a high content of vitamin C, vitamin A, folate and potassium which is very healthy for the body.


Papaya fruit has an anti-oxidant property, lycopene which is an antioxidant that helps to remove the impurities from the body.

Papaya also has anti-cancerous properties too and prevents cancer.

Beside other fruits and vegetables, lycopene content in papaya is more than others and is easily absorbed from papaya in the body.

One of the main functions of papaya is indigestion; it improves the digestion process as papaya contains the enzyme called papain which helps in digestion especially of proteins.


healthy fruits for a healthy life

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Mangoes also contain a high amount of vitamin C. Mangoes also contains a high amount of fibres in it.


The high amount of fibers in mangoes helps in digestion. Besides these, mangoes have anti-inflammatory properties which help in curing the inflammation process in the body and prevent diseases.

Along with these, mangoes also have anti-oxidant properties which remove the dirt product and prevent the risk of any harmful diseases. In research when conducted on animals, studies have shown that mangoes protect from diabetes.

Mangoes also have a high amount of beta-carotene, which is then converted into vitamin A in order to promote the growth of bone and to boost up immunity.


healthy fruits for a healthy life

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Banana fruit is full of potassium and fibres.


Banana is full of energy. Its potassium and fiber content gives you energy for a day. Most of the people adopt banana in their breakfast as it does not contain fat or salt and is full of energy.

Pectin which is found in bananas helps in controlling the blood sugar level and aids in the digestion process. Banana when unripe is full of resistant starch which helps in controlling blood sugar level and make you feel full.


healthy fruits for a healthy life

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Apple fruit contains a high amount of fibres, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium and some vitamin B also and which is one of the important healthy fruits for a healthy life.


Eating apple can prevent you from many diseases. Eating apple can prevent brain diseases as apple decreases the cell degeneration process of the brain as a result the person can have lower chances of the disease called Alzheimer’s disease.

Next, it has anti-oxidant properties and prevents the risk of diabetes mellitus. It also promotes bone growth.

Apple also has anti-cancerous properties and prevents colon cancer, as well as apple, lowers cholesterol, promotes healthy teeth, and also helps in losing weight.

Apple also helps in improving digestion as it contains pectin which is a prebiotic fibre and is good for your gut bacteria’s which help indigestion.

But don’t forget to eat the skin of the apple as it is rich in the disease-fighting compound like flavonoids which helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases.

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healthy fruits for a healthy life

Pomegranate fruit has a high amount of potassium in it. The seeds of pomegranate contain the vitamins and are used in meals and salads.


Pomegranate among all has more anti-oxidant properties when compared with green tea and red wine. Its high amount of potassium gives a high amount of energy throughout the whole day.

Eating pomegranate can even help in controlling blood pressure and prevents from various hazardous diseases.

Even pomegranate also improves the heart action, controls the cholesterol level and in males, those who suffer from erectile dysfunction pomegranate will help them.

It also has an anti-inflammatory property and reduces the risk of cancer.


healthy fruits for a healthy life

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Blueberries contains a large amount of antioxidant and vitamin C.


For those people who are more concern about their skin, eat blueberries, as blueberries have anti-ageing action.

As blueberries have a large amount of antioxidant and vitamin C which keeps your skin glow and removes the wrinkles due to the ageing process.

As well as blueberries also contain anthocyanin which is responsible for boosting up the brainpower.

Along with this, blueberries responsible for decreasing age-related muscular degeneration which can even cause eye blindness.

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healthy fruits for a healthy life

Watermelon is the richest source of vitamin A and vitamin C.


Watermelon also has some anti-oxidant property, lycopene, carotenoids, and cucurbitacin E are some anti-oxidant presents in it.

Lycopene reduces the risk of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract and cucurbitacin E inhibits the growth of any tumor cells.

Along with this, watermelon also promotes the action of the heart and reduces cholesterol levels, and maintains blood pressure.

Watermelon is one most consuming fruits during the summer season as it has a high water content in it which prevents dehydration.


This fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins. Along with this, grapefruits are also rich in potassium.


Among all citrus fruits, grapefruits are considered the healthiest fruit. For those people who want to reduce their weight, include grapefruit in their diet as it helps in reducing weight and also prevents diabetes mellitus.

Along with this, grapefruit helps in reducing the cholesterol level and has wonderful action on the heart due to high content of anti-oxidant namely quercetin and resveratrol.

Grapefruits are rich in potassium which prevents muscles cramp and iron which prevent anaemia. Along with this, grapefruits also prevent the formation of kidney stones.

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Avocado is rich in healthy fats. Along with this, it contains low carbohydrate also. It also contains a variety of nutrients including about 20 different vitamins and minerals. This fruit contains more potassium than a banana.


It is a very unique fruit among all the fruits. Avocado is very nutritious fruits. It is the only fruit which is rich in healthy fats while other fruits are rich in carbohydrate, this fruit contains low carbohydrate.

Along with this, avocado fruit does not contain any cholesterol and sodium and has low saturated fat. This fruit has more potassium which is very important for various cell functions in the body.

Avocado helps in reducing inflammation and keeps the heart healthy by the oleic acid which is present in it. Potassium present in it also helps in reducing blood pressure and prevent stroke.


This fruit is a good source of fibres. Along with it, strawberries also contain vitamin C, manganese, folate and potassium in it. Strawberries also contain antioxidants.


The antioxidant properties of strawberries help in reducing chronic diseases. Even strawberries also help in preventing cancer and tumor formation. For those who want to reduce weight, strawberries will help them out.

With this, eating strawberries has many benefits in the body like it improves immune function, lowers blood pressure, helps in reducing arthritis and gout symptoms, improving eye sight, and the important is it helps in regulating the blood sugar.

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Cranberries are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K1, manganese and copper.


Flavanol polyphenol present in cranberry which works as an anti-oxidant helps in treating against diseases.

Drinking cranberry juice has many benefits in the body like- it helps in fighting against age-related issues, it helps in keeping the heart healthy, and it promotes digestion.

For those who frequently suffer from UTI (urinary tract infection), cranberry will help to fight against bacterial proliferation in the urinary tract and prevents infection.

Cranberry also helps in improving all those complaints which are due to post-menopause.

Cranberries are high in anti-oxidant known as proanthocyanidins (PACs) which help in stopping the proliferation of bacteria in urinary lining and prevent it.

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Lemons are rich source of vitamin C and that is one of the important healthy fruits which we can consume for a healthy and better life.


Though we all know about how lemon is useful for body still there are some uses which we are still unaware.

Lemon helps to prevent from getting dehydration. For those who want to lose weight, lemon will help them. It also has anti-oxidant which help in improving various skin-related problems.

It promotes the digestion process, freshens the breathe, and also helps in preventing the formation of kidney stones. Among all the citrus fruits, lemon is mostly eaten.

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What is the Best Time to Eat Fruits

While eating fruits many questions come in the mind regarding their proper digestion and absorption. Eating healthy fruits at this time, whether it is a good time to eat or it will rather harm us eating this time.

Eating healthy Fruits are always said to be beneficial to our body and healthy life, but sometime it may produce some harmful effects.

If you are eating fruits in a proper way, then only it will promotes your digestion and boost up your health and fight against various diseases.

Many studies have shown that eating fruits on the empty stomach in the morning time or whenever you are empty stomach. You can also have fruits even before or after 30 minutes of having snacks.

As in empty stomach, digestion of fruits will take place properly and quickly, and absorption of nutrients and fibres from the gastrointestinal tract takes place without any problem.

But many of us eat fruits in combination with other fruits. It should not be done as a combination of fruits takes a long time to digest, which as a result fermentation of fruits can occur in the stomach.

This fermentation will produce symptoms like- heartburn, bloating sensation, diarrhoea, and burping. Along with this, there can other signs of discomfort in the abdomen.

So it is advised to eat healthy fruits at the right time for a healthy life if you are eating fruits from a long ago at the wrong time, then prepare yourself for the health-related problems which can occur in old age.

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For Diabetic Patients

For diabetic patients, it is advised to check their blood sugar level before eating fruits. There morning blood sugar level should be around 100-120mg/dl.

Diabetic patients mostly get difficulty in digestion of those fruits which has a high content of carbohydrate. So they should avoid those fruits. Even eating fruits on the empty stomach may raise their blood sugar level which can be dangerous for them.

Juices which are low in fibres should be avoided by diabetic patients. Dried fruits with added sugar and carbohydrate should also be avoided.

Canned fruits and preservatives in which sugar and carbohydrate are added should also be avoided by diabetic patients. There are even many more fruits that have various benefits on the body.

Eating healthy fruits will give you healthy life benefits until it is not taken in an excess amount which the body cannot tolerate (beyond the limit). So eat nutritious fruits in the correct amount to stay healthy.

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