Introduction, Benefits and Other Uses of Mint Leaves (Pudina) in Our Life

mint leaves health benefits

Mint is a herb that belongs to the family Lamiaceae and is a popular ingredient in many products. Many of the types of mint leaves (pudina) that are available are good at anti-oxidants and so are rich in health benefits.

mint leaves (pudina) is known since ancient times as it has many properties that are useful for us like medicinal property, aromatic nature, etc.

They also contain phytonutrients, vitamins, calcium, etc. along with antioxidants.

You can even add it along to the list of foods that can help you in the process of weight loss as it contains low calories and proteins are also in a minimum amount.

Uses of Mint Leaves (Pudina) in Various Fields

As mint leaves are famous in many ways, they must have a lot of uses that we should notice. So, some of its uses in various fields are included below:

1.The mint leaves or Pudina are aromatic, fresh, and have a cool feeling after it is tasted which makes it a great ingredient for use in items like jellies, syrups, ice creams, teas, etc.
2.It also holds a special position of its own in Indian, American, and British cuisine because of its unique properties.
3.Mint flavored drinks seeking a lot of attention as the number of mint flavor lovers is increasing nowadays.
4.Mint flavor is even considered to be the flavor to feel fresh, so the combo of menthol and mint oil are used for getting flavorings in many products like toothpaste, fresheners, mouth rinses, chewing gums, etc.
5.The characteristic aroma of the mint and menthol is the reason behind their extensive use in these products.
6.Some of the larvae that belong to Lepidoptera species, and beetles like Chrysolina coerulans also known as blue mint beetle, mint leaf beetle considers mint leaves (pudina) as a food plant and feeds on it.
7.Mint leaves (pudina) are an amazing traditional medicine by ancient Greeks. It was considered to be a solution for many irritations on the stomachs and a great relief.
8.This medicinal herb is a solution for the treatments of chest pains too.
9.This herb is even used as an insecticide which is environmentally friendly and has the ability for destroying pests like ants, cockroaches, hornets, and many more.
10.Because of the natural aroma, mint leaves (pudina) are used even as a room deodorizer.
11.As you are familiar with its refreshing smell you could understand how energetic and soothing would the room will after the use of mint-flavored deodorizer, it sounds heavenly.

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How to Choose Mint Leaves (Pudina) and How to Store Them?

Look for the fresh mint leaves (pudina) with an unbeatable aroma, which is an evenly green color without any black or dark spots on it.

Dry mint turns out too dark in color, but the color of the mint is not the factor that affects its fragrance.

So, anyway look for the one that has fragrance because other types of mint-like spearmint, it has an unpleasant pungent smell and the other is a peppermint which has a peppery flavor.

And when you do not feel any aroma of the mint when you choose, that may be because it is old.

Fresh mint can store in the refrigerator by just wrapping it in ease with a paper towel, and can store it. And dried ones can be kept in an air-tight container.


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Health Benefits of Mint Leaves (Pudina)

mint leaves (pudina) have many health benefits, so some of the important ones are listed below:

Helps to Deal with Gastrointestinal Issues

From ancient times onwards mint leaves have been used for many problems that are related to the stomach are a great remedy for indigestion or stomach upset.

Many studies have also revealed that some properties and ingredients that are present in mint leaves (pudina) provide many benefits and also help to deal with gastrointestinal problems, and also is used to relieve sickness that is felt after some surgeries.

It is also good at regulating muscle relaxation and controls inflammation; it has been found out in research that it even helps with finding relief from the pain caused by IBS in adults.

Relief from Cold Symptoms

One of the ingredients that are present in mint, which is menthol is an aromatic decongestant that helps in breaking the phlegm and mucus which makes it easier for its expulsion.

Applying vapor rubs and other creams or ointments that contain menthol is found to be effective in relieving the common cold and its other symptoms.

But some of them may cause some serious effects on their direct application to the body parts of children because they might be sensitive to these items, so it is advised not to apply it instead it would be better to use in other possible ways indirectly or can inhale it from those contains as it has strong aromatic flavors.

Oral Care

When you eat or drink something bitter, you might choose to chew some sweets or chewing gums.

Try to consume it with mint-flavored, because it has germicidal properties that might help to reduce your bad breath and helps in freshening up your breath.

For keeping your oral area clean, you should try using toothpaste, mouth wash, fresheners, etc. which are mint flavored.

Relief in Respiratory Complaints

mint leaves (pudina) consumption is highly recommended to patients with respiratory problems as it can help you in relieving chest congestion and using it regularly can give many health benefits and a cooling and relaxing effect to your respiratory system.

The ingredients that are in the mint helps in providing huge relief to the stuffed nose and to avoid irritations that you may feel due to a cough.

Calming Effect for Your Mind

The aroma that mint provides is one of its greatest and special properties. Even its aroma can create great changes to a person, as its aroma is refreshing and soothing it is considered to be a great part of the aromatherapy field.

Its aroma is known to relieve stress and helps in rejuvenating one’s mind and it is just by inhaling it for some time. Drinking mint tea also is good at relieving depression and stress as it helps in calming your mind instantly.


Mint leaves are rich in some beneficial properties like anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that are effective in treating many skin problems like acne, scars, etc.,

And also helps in the prevention of acne by controlling sebum secretion. The mint leaves extract to prevent the itchiness of the skin and leaves smooth and glowing skin.

Besides this mint contains vitamin E and vitamin D which helps in the promotion of skin rejuvenation means it helps in the removal of dead cells from the skin and promotes the formation of new healthy cells and thus gives healthy and glowing skin.

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Healthy Hair

Mint leaves are also rich in antioxidants and carotene which together constitute the elements for healthy hair and the antifungal and antibacterial properties of mint leaves (pudina) provide many health benefits and also help in keeping the hair clean by preventing the growth of lice, dandruff, etc.

Help in Weight Loss

The fresh mint leaves with their aromatic scent and refreshing effect are great for consumption. It is good for digestion and will help your stomach to stay healthy and clean.

It is a good ingredient to add to your diet plan if you are thinking of losing weight more healthily.

Mint is good at boosting metabolism and it has low calories which can help in promoting weight loss, you can even consume teas or drinks that are calorie-free with mint flavors too.

Cure Headache and Vertigo

Mint has an anaesthetic (pain relieve) and anti-inflammatory properties which helps in curing the headache associated with nausea, vertigo and dizziness.

The cooling properties of mint leave help in relieving the heat of the body in the fever.

Some people found helpful in headache associated with nausea by drinking the tea made from mint leaves (pudina).

Cure Colic Pain in Infants

Most of the infants cry because of their stomach upset which is due to the gastric problem.

Mint will help to expel the gas and produce coolness in the stomach which makes the baby feel good.

Improve Blood Circulation in the Body

Mint leaves when boiled in the hot water and the fumes when obtained is inhaled produces the increase in metabolism.

This leads to increase oxygenation and blood supply to the brain which results in protecting from many brain disorders which include neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. It also helps in boosting brain functions.

Mint for Depression Patients

Mint has adaptogenic properties which regulate the cortisol level and thus reduces the stress level. Mint’s strong and refreshing smell even boosts the activity of the brain.

Mint leaves also help in the secretion of serotonin in the brain which helps to fight against depression.

Cure Dental Problems

Mint acts as an anesthetic so doctors mostly advise their patients to chew the mint leaves (pudina) to get relieved from the pain.

This is due to the cooling properties and health benefits of mint leaves which stop the irritation of the nerves by its cooling action.

Besides this hot water containing mint leaves are also useful for gargles as advised by the doctor because it has antiseptic properties which prevent infections.

Some people use mint leaves as mouth freshener which gives them a cool and fresh feeling inside the mouth. Now many of the toothpaste contain mint as their ingredients.

Some Risk Factors of Mint Leaves (Pudina)

mint leaves (pudina) provide various health benefits but also there are some risk factors for the People who are suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease should not consume or reduce the consumption of it as it can trigger some symptoms of GERD or can cause some irritation to the stomach.

Do not consume pure menthol as it is poisonous and also, do not apply mint oil to the face of infants which may even inhibit breathing.

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Final Words

mint leaves (pudina), which are a medicinal herb are known all across the world due to their amazing properties and benefits.

It has many health benefits and uses which will drag us for using the product that contains mint leaves flavor.

As with every product, these mint leaves also have some drawbacks, which you should be careful of. So, look up to the benefits and their harmful effects and make good use of them.

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