Medicinal Properties, Health Benefits and Amazing facts of Black Turmeric

Black Turmeric

Black turmeric (Kali Haldi), rich in medicinal properties has high economic importance. It is sold extensively across the Indian and South Asian markets as fresh or dried.

The kali Haldi holds a position in the endangered species, so we have to protect it in any case as it is difficult to find some herbs with this many excellent benefits.

Black turmeric medicinal uses and other benefits that it offers are incredible. The root of this herb has been used for treating asthma for a long time and also is used for improving many other conditions.

All About Black Turmeric

Kali Haldi is a herb with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and it is known as a medicinal purpose herb as it helps treat many diseases.

It tastes bitter, sharp and hot and the odour of this black turmeric is pleasant. The herb is available in the state of fresh and dried in most of the markets.

The reason behind kali Haldi benefits is due to the presence of curcumin in it and this is widely in use for religious purposes, and health in most of the parts of India.

The average black Haldi price in markets of India is Rs 1500 for 1 kg of the product. You can buy this from many online websites that are available online.

Black Turmeric And Its Plant Parts

RhizomeIt is the tuberous part of Kali Haldi and is about 2 to 3 centimetres. The body of the rhizome is flattened and is covered with adventitious roots, and the circular wrinkles present in the surface is represented as the nodes and internodes. The surface colour is dark brown or bluish-black and it has a strong camphor aroma and they taste bitter.
LeafThe leaves are in the shape of elongated oval shape and the colour is bright green. The edges of the leaf are red and the petiole of it is white.
FlowerThe colour is pale yellow with a red border, and the calyx is obtuse and three toothed and the corolla is lip three-lobe semi-elliptic.

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Nutritional Value

Black turmeric is a herb with powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is one among the herb with the highest content of curcumin which is the exact reason behind the whole working of it.

The root of kali Haldi is known to be helpful for medicinal purposes such as treating arthritis, epilepsy, asthma, etc.

Also, the crushed black turmeric or its paste is known to create great wonders on the bruises or cuts by healing it fastly than usual.

Due to the presence of essential oil which has components like starch and camphor in the rhizome of the black turmeric, it has a characteristic pungent smell.

It is greatly used in the traditional model because of the use of black turmeric.

How to store black turmeric?

The black Haldi can be kept for a month if placed in a cool and dark environment. We can store dried black Haldi for up to six months in an airtight container.

Health Benefits Of Black Turmeric

Black Haldi is known for having a lot of health benefits which we can use beneficially. Here are some of the kali Haldi benefits that you should be aware of,

1. Lung diseases

The ingredient is found beneficial in treating lung diseases that most of us face quite often like asthma, also others like bronchitis, pneumonia, etc by reducing many of its symptoms.

The curcumin present in the black Haldi is the real hero behind this and the main reason for its use widely is because it does not interfere with the working of other conventional drugs to help treat those diseases.

2. Relieves pain

Black turmeric can be considered a great pain reliever as it helps in relieving extreme pain in situations like rashes, stomach aches, toothaches, etc.

The dosage of black turmeric that you consume must be based on your illness or the intensity of the pain and do not overdose.

3. Natural antioxidant

As the curcumin present in it is good at neutralising free radicals, most of the turmeric types are antioxidants.

Black turmeric helps in neutralising the free radicals which our body find very difficult to do and it has the effects which provide anti-ageing and also helps in fighting against the cancerous cells by preventing their growth.

4. Leucoderma

The condition is that the immune system present in our body starts to attack the healthy cells are visible by white patches on our body, the black turmeric might be helpful for them.

You can apply it on the white patches, the lotion made of black Haldi is available for this.

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5. Cancer

One of the best black turmeric benefits is that it is an ingredient that is scientifically proven in preventing the growth of cancerous cells.

The combination of the conventional chemotherapy done for cancer and black turmeric together works perfectly with coordination which would be great in fighting against cancer.

This is the best remedy that you can use against cancer which does not have any of the side effects and is all-natural.

6. Colitis

The condition colitis is the inflammation in your colon which causes discomfort and extreme abdomen pain.

So one of the uses of black turmeric includes the cure of colitis, which you can consume as such or supplements made of black Haldi are available.

These will be of great help for you as it helps in the process of relieving pain and also supports digestion.

7. Overcomes Itchiness

Black turmeric is a known ingredient that helps in overcoming the itchiness of the skin.

The composition of components that are present in the black turmeric is really helpful in this as they have the property of anti-inflammation.

Itchiness can worsen your skin as it creates rashes too, so the application of black turmeric can be of great help to save your skin from getting more worse.

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8. Controls Weight

One of the black Haldi benefits is that they help in the break down of fat in the body. You can add turmeric to the food items that you use for getting an ideal body.

This also helps in better digestion and decreases the risk of insulin resistance in our bodies.

You can consume an adequate amount to receive these kali Haldi benefits and stay fit as you wish.

9. Helps In Defending Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a quite common type of arthritis that is present in most of the people around us, this arthritis has the ability in damaging any of the joints and mainly the ones in our knees, hips, hands, spine, etc.

One among the amazing black turmeric medicinal uses includes the cure and the correction of the pain of osteoarthritis which damages the articular cartilage.

10. Boosts Stamina

The one common benefit of the ginger family is that it can act as a nutritional supplement which is one among the kali Haldi uses too.

If it is consumed in small quantities which are required enough for you can help you in increasing stamina and vitality.

But make sure you are consuming black Haldi in smaller quantities, and taking it up more than that can harm your body.

Traditional Uses

1.Rhizomes of black turmeric seem to help treat cough and cold or pneumonia in children by some of the tribal communities of Anooppur, Balaghat, Mandla, Dindori, Chhindwara, etc.
2.In northeastern states of India, the magic of black Haldi is extensively used in the face pack made for the tribal women’s marriage or engagement functions.
3.Tribes named Kanti, use the paste of this black turmeric on the scorpion and snake bites.
4.Consumption of a little amount of black turmeric has been found to have great relief from stomachaches or menstrual-related disorders as it is a great pain reliever.

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Ayurvedic Uses

1.Applying a pinch(do not take a large amount) of black turmeric powder gently to the tooth which is hurting, can help you relieve the pain.
2.Applying fine black turmeric paste to the wounds or cuts will help in healing the wounds much faster.

Black Turmeric In Astrological View

In the astrological view, kali Haldi is known to be used in black magic and is specially used for the intentions related to Vashikaran.

The actual colour of the black turmeric varies from blackish-red to dark black and this ingredient is a recommended item as an item used for pooja. Black turmeric can bring wealth, abundance, etc to you.

One of the astrological views of black turmeric uses is that the energized Siddha Kali Haldi is known to protect the evil eye or negative spirits.

Also putting tilak of black turmeric can make everyone around you attracted or fascinated by you. We can take a look over the uses and benefits of black turmeric from an astrological view.


1.Black turmeric is known to use in black magic and it can bring great wealth and finance to you.
2.If you need the blessings of Maa Kali and God Bhairav, you should try using it as it can offer you this great use.
3.It is also commonly used as a talisman that helps in keeping you away from evil eyes or spirits that can drain the positive energy from you and fills negative thoughts.
4.The usage of black turmeric can cure many diseases which include many lung diseases, epilepsy, and many more.
5.Application of kali Haldi tilak is visible in many poojas and it also makes people around you fascinated by you as it has the Vashikaran property.


1.The one who has black turmeric with themselves will have the ability for financial prosperity achievement.
2.The wearer of it will be able to avoid the evil spirits or energies that wanders around us.
3.The one who is using kali Haldi is safe from the bad spirits and ghosts.
4.Energized Kali Haldi kept in the temple or if you wear it will become the ones with many positive lucky charms.

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If you are looking for a herb which a great package with health benefits, uses, ayurvedic benefits, medicinal properties, etc then you can choose Kali Haldi which has the properties mentioned and many more.

Black turmeric is available in most of the markets in India and is also available on many online websites.

But be careful while buying through, only use the websites which are trustworthy as many scams are reporting every day.

Placing them by providing total care will stay good for a long time.

You can add them to your food items, as one of the black turmerics uses is that it promises the breakdown of fats.

It has many benefits and uses from the astrological point of view too.

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